Ophthalmic Nutrition
Vitamin A, DHA & Lutein

“I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at the age of 18 and have been taking supplements for quite some time. Based on Dr. Berson's recommendations, I've been taking Vitamin A 15,000, Lutein 12mg and DHA 200mg daily. Here is a link to his recommendations:
Instead of taking three separate pills, this combination supplement allows me to take all three with just one capsule. I personally only take supplements that are proven by large clinical studies. Here are references to Dr. Berson's studies:
Vitamin A: http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=640248
Vitamin A can be toxic to the liver, so it is important to take this under the supervision of a physician.
DHA: http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=416541
This supplement contains DHA derived from algae and not fish (Neuromins also known as Life's DHA) which is identical to the DHA used by Dr. Berson in his study.
Lutein: http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=425349
Overall, I am satisfied with this supplement. Easy to take and convenient!”
Recommended to me by my retina doc for retinitis pigmentosa.
“This is the standard dosage for those who have Retinitis Pigmentosis or Retinal issues. With all 3 items combined, 4 month supply, only 1 pill a day instead of 3-4 at a fraction of the costs individually. Gel coated for easy swallowing. I like the fact that the omega 3 is vegetarian and fish free (due to shellfish allergies) Some fish oils have a strong fishy smell or makes you gassy, which this isn't the case to me. Still a new product and have not seen any changes since the switch.”
“thank you for coming up with this product. it saved the hassle of me buying three different supplements as prescribed for RP. It has a little fishy smell but it doesnt bother me. Maybe it was because of the shipping and transport coupled with the Philippine's warm weather. I hope it would come out cheaper one day when your production increase. It jis just hard for us to find a way to ship it here in our country because the fees are more expensive than the actual product price.”
“Great idea to have these 3 vitamins in one pill. I have Retinits Pigmentosa and have been taking theses three vitamins for a couple of years. It is easier and more economical to have one pill.”
“Perfect combination for Treating Rentinal Degeneration”
“I have RP. This is one pill with everything I should be taking at about the same price as buying everything individually. Pretty sweet.”
“Easy on my stomach and beneficial to me. As an rp diagnosed man this is really a lifeline for me. An easy decision to buy an easier one to use.”